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Mega Disc CD Catalog Software - The key to high density CD storage


Mega Disc is a CD catalog program specifically designed to manage multiple high density storage units.  Use Mega Disc to help you organize your CD collection and quickly find what you need.  Mega Disc is widely used worldwide by thousands of CD collectors.  All Mountain Multimedia CD storage products include a Mega Disc CD, free!

If your order totals Included at no charge Value
$29.95 or more a Mega Disc Pro CD $39.95
less than $29.95 a Mega Disc CD $9.95

The program is shipped separately on a CD.  It comes customized with pictures of the actual storage unit(s) you are using.

Using Mega Disc, you can:

Insert an audio CD, DVD, MP3, photo or data disc into your computer and it is automatically added to the catalog.

Manage multiple collections with a single program.

Music disc and track names, artists, genres, credits, dates, notes, and more, are automatically added from the Gracenote CDDB. Get CD, DVD, and game cover artwork simply by dragging the items into Mega Disc from sites such as Amazon, All Music Guide, the Internet Movie Database, All Game Guide, etc, using the provided links.

Use the CD Explorer to easily sort or change the view of your collection so you can browse and find what you want. Easy editing - most items can be edited directly from the main library window.  The screen color can be black or white.  Specialized edit windows provide a complete view of a single disc or track.

You can define and customize storage units in Mega Disc so they match your actual physical disc storage cases.  Then you can view and manage the contents of each storage unit. 

Use Mega Disc to print a contents list for each storage unit.  You can view the disc titles in your browser as a web page, then print in the desired page format.  Title sheets can be printed on jewel case inserts (on AveryŽ or similar forms) and kept with your discs.

Mega Disc tracks each disc, and can prompt you with its storage location when you need it. Even if you move your discs around or remove them from the library, it is easy to stay organized and quickly find what you need.

Mega Disc Pro includes many additional features for the serious CD collector.  These include file lists of data discs, reviews and lyrics with pictures, and much more.