Unique Creations          by Sandy Hartley


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Fiber Art Furniture is rug wool, hand wrapped on wooden dowels.  The colors of wool, and designs, styles of woodworking are custom, as are the kinds of wood and finishes used.

What fascinates me is the manifestation of "Unique Creations." Fiber Art Furniture was inspired from dowels in a friends garage that were taking up space and to be thrown away. A few days later the synchronistic gift of rug wool scraps, time which I seldom have, cabinet doors that needed a face lift, my love of fiber art, color, and a passion for new ideas birthed this exploration. While wrapping the wool on the dowels I became excited about 'possibilities.' Various styles of woodworking, kinds of wood, finishes and how to market an idea that was still in my head! Meeting woodworkers, building a portfolio and making contacts all followed and continues.....